Grown on the northeast slopes of Mauna Kea and handmade from fallen trees free of any toxic chemicals, SWAE ( is pleased to introduce THE HAWAIIAN. 100% original in design, we created this watch with some of the island culture within it. This extremely light weight watch is made from Hawaiian Koa Wood, a prized wood that symbolized strength and bravery within the Hawaiian Islands. Our wood was grown on the Big Island of Hawaii and features traditional Hawaiian details such as the Niho inspired tribal border that surrounds the watch. This triangular Hawaiian image takes on the appearance of shark teeth which is also a symbol of power in the islands and power we are now putting on your wrists.

The Hawaiian was created with the FULL SPIRIT OF ALOHA. Koa is endemic to the islands of Hawaii and served as a great importance to the ancient Hawaiian people who used the wood for large war canoes, paddles, weapons, surfboards and much much more. Today, because of its beauty, many people use Koa for musical instruments like the ukulele and guitars. With its big and bold design, we are here to put this beauty on you to enjoy!

Cool right?

We are the FIRST & ONLY company in our industry to use this tropical hardwood used by Hawaiian Chiefs and Monarchs for watches while others commonly use sandalwood, maple, bamboo, and blackwood making us original. Due to Koa's different shades, every watch will not be the same, in fact, every single one of them will have it's own unique look and detail to it. 

Koa Trees are in great danger due to DEFORESTATION, and because of it, the deforestation of this tree is affecting Hawaii's natural habitat and endangering animals near extinction who depend on Koa for its survival. The problem occurred when land was cleared due to cattle grazing, homes being built, pineapple fields, sugar cane, etc... WE ARE NOT CUTTING DOWN A SINGLE KOA TREE TO MAKE THIS WATCH! We only use KOA wood from trees that have fallen from natural causes. This is what makes this wood premium and rare.

Do you have a big wrist and need another link added to your order? Or, do you need to order another Butterfly Clasp for your Hawaiian Watch? Go to our Accessory page to order!

  • BEZEL- 100% All Natural Koa Wood
  • BACK CASE- Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable to fit most wrists
  • CASE- 54.5mm X 42.3mm across
  • FACE- 45.5mm X 35.5mm across
  • BAND WIDTH- 24mm
  • BAND LENGTH- 240mm w/ Adjustable Links
  • BAND MATERIAL- 100% All Natural Koa Wood
  • BAND MATERIAL FOR TWO-TONE- 100% All Natural Sandalwood
  • MOVEMENT- Swiss Ronda 705 Movement
  • WINDOW- Sapphire Crystal
  • CLASP- Stainless Steel Butterfly Clasp
  • DISPLAY- Analog with Date Function
  • WATER RESISTANCE- Splash Proof

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